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How To Earn Money With Your Facebook And WhatsApp Account (Social Media)

Hello Friends, Are you eager about earn money from your WhatsApp and Facebook account, then you are at right place keep reading this post and I'll tell you how to earn money with your Social Media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. But in all that WhatsApp and Facebook is most popular and if you have good amount of followers then you can make good earning from this trick.
       There are no option given by any social media sites to earn money with them but there are many options to do that like refer and earn, advertising and sponsorships but the best option is that...

"Earn Via Short Links"

» What is Short Links:

Short links allows you to short your long URL and many of URL shorting site give you a option to eran via shorting. This types of sites place ADs between links and gives you

» Which is best Platform:

There are many websites that allows you to earn from short links but I personally recommend you Shorte.st because its care advertisers and publishers. It has also mobile friendly ads.

» Steps(How to Earn):

• Create a account on Shorte.st.
• Confirm your account.
• Enter payment method and other details.
• Create short links and share it on your social media accounts.
• Every time your friends open link you'll be get paid.

If you have any page with better followers then it's smarter way to earn from it.

» Why Shorte.st:

• Easy to use with mobile and PC both.
• Payout Method - PayPal and Bank Transfer.
• High Payout Rate.
• Real time statics
• 20℅ Life Time RF Income.

Visit Shorte.St

» Final Words:

If you have good followers on any social platforms or have big friend circle then you must try this trick. You can make gud earning from it. And if you have any website or blog then you must try this trick for increase your revenue.


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